60% of small businesses are either             losing money or just breaking even.

I help with that.

60% of small businesses are either losing money or just breaking even.

I help with that.


A strategic financial thought leader & partner

To well known brands and high growth small businesses

Building generational wealth via a financially thriving small business starts here.

There’s no substitute for having a small business money expert, an experienced financial professional in your back pocket to help guide your business decisions, especially when you’re an early-stage company and finances aren’t your strong suit.

If you’re in need to a strategic finance leader outside of your small business to provide top-tier finance, business, accounting, and financial operational guidance for your business, I’m your woman! Here’s how I can support you in keeping tabs on your small business’ financial health and providing guidance to help you to achieve your financial goals and objectives:

Speaking intentionally articulated to inspire, motivate, and equip your audience with the tools required to take action.

Ready to level up and take your business to new financial heights? Ready to turn your business dreams into reality?

Resources & Tools to help you improve, sustain, and maintain your business’ financial health

Result of working with me:

“She breaks things down in a really understandable light”

“Marguerite is our incredible guiding CFO for FFC – and we couldn’t be more lucky to have her. She provides the most incredible insights on how to plan for the future – blue skies or more conservative scenarios. She breaks things down in a really understandable light, and helps you think about the short and long-term. Rebecca Minkoff and I have too many amazing things to say!”
Alison W.,

Founder & CEO of Female Founder Collective


“Marguerite helped us build a financial process that will be a cornerstone to managing our operations in the future. Her expertise is astounding, she has a way to reduce any mini panic attacks for anyone who isn’t comfortable with numbers and managing the financial aspects of their company. We appreciated all of help and support. Marguerite, thanks again!


Founder & CEO, Dani Lin

Maximize Your Profitability
Make investing in your business possible so you can grow and scale, and maximize the amount you’re able to actually pay yourself.
Gain Financial Clarity
We pride ourselves in educating you so you feel more confident in your business overall and empowered in every business decision you make.
Outlast The Competition

Keeping your business in tip-top financial health and making more informed financial decisions positions you to be in business for the long haul

When you have a strong understanding of your finances, you’re able to sharpen the future of your business and make smarter, more informed, and frankly, better business decisions.

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You are a well-deserved BOSS in your own right, but money – finances, it’s just not your strong suit and you’d love a little help to know a financial guru has your back supporting you with things like financial planning, financial analysis, cash management, fundraising, and more.

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