60-minute “Pick My Financial Brain” CFO Consulting Session

This service is perfect for the small business owner or entrepreneur looking for guidance on your most pressing specific business financial questions so that you can make the best decision. You have my dedicated attention for 60 minutes to get answers. Here’s an example of question types that are best for this session (you’re, of course, not limited to these questions, but this will give you an idea – can you review my fundraising pitch deck and provide feedback, what are your thoughts on these deal terms, how should I set up my business bank accounts, can you help me evaluate this opportunity? I just want to touch base on a few things I’m wrestling with financially and get your thoughts? Can I run them by you? Can you help me fill out the financial section for this grant I’m applying for? How can I start paying myself? Can you review my board deck and financial slides?

This 1:1 service includes:

  • 60-minute zoom call to “pick my financial brain” and get expert CFO guidance
Clients are taken on based on availability and by application only. To apply, please fill out the form and if we’re a fit, schedule a free teatime consultation.