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Ready to level up and take your business to new financial heights? Ready to turn your business dreams into reality?
The moment you decide that you want to work together, it will no longer matter that you haven’t yet achieved the financial vision that you have for your business, or that you were short on cash each month, or that you were late on payments, or that you contemplated getting a second job because you work working so hard but didn’t have anything financially to show for it.

…all that will matter is that you finally claimed your power to run your business with financial intention, delivering your passion in a way that is financially profitable and sustainable. You’ll celebrate your own courage. Your own determination and willingness to level up and create a different financial picture for you and your family. And at that moment, you’ll ask yourself - “why did I wait so long?”


Private Financial Advisory & Coaching

A Financial Partner for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

A financial plan is one of the most critical tools your small business needs.
Your business strategy is about making key decisions on where you should play, and how you will ultimately win.
With this service I help you to I’ll help to ensure your existing financials, financial projections, and financial slides are suitable for investors or lenders and ready for due diligence.

Is all about ensuring that your financial data is accurately presented and analyzed for investors and internal stakeholders.

This service is customized situation by situation and geared towards both venture capital/private equity firms looking to outsource M&A and financial due diligence support.

While you may have started your business out of passion, not a love for finances, with our strategic financial coaching & advisory, you never have to feel alone when it comes to the money side of your business. 

High Touch Support

This service is perfect for the small business owner or entrepreneur looking for guidance on your most pressing specific business financial questions so that you can make the best decision. 

A 6-week step-by-step business financial planning course to create a realistic financial plan and roadmap for your business to follow. Plus, ongoing financial coaching with a community of dynamic business owners.


What They Say...

“Working with Marguerite has completely changed my life, mindset, and business.”

Marguerite is so passionate and excited about helping me exceed my business goals. The best advice I could ever give a business owner is to get a business coach on the front end! She’s the answer you never knew you needed. Marguerite’s coaching is such a valuable part of my business. I wish I would have started with her from the moment I started my first business.
Morgan Kelley
Founder & CEO, Scarlett Collection
When I first came to Marguerite I was in a place of discouragement. After pitching so much and getting rejected, I questioned if my idea was going to be successful. But in seeing her wedding tech startup do so well, I wanted to talk to her, hear her experiences and thoughts on my business.
“After working with her my biggest transformation has been being able to position my business to better speak to the need of the consumer from their mindset and viewpoint vs my own thinking as the creator. ”
I definitely feel like I understand how to speak to investors better and how to communicate the value of exactly what my company does.
Lenora Wilkinson
Tech Founder & CEO


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