Strategic Planning

“Speed only matters if you’re going in the right direction” – Joel Barker. Your business strategy is about making key decisions on where you should play, and how you will ultimately win. As a business owner you make business decisions every day that may have unintended consequences on the overall direction that you’re taking your company. Having a strategic plan helps to ensure that your daily actions are aligned with your overall vision, goals, and objectives.  I work alongside of you to develop a strategic plan that focuses on intentional strategies from both a business and finance viewpoint. We work together to build the strategic plan with clear, actionable, repeatable, and implementable strategies that will catapult you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

This 1:1 service includes:

  • 1-year strategic plan.
Clients are taken on based on availability and by application only. To apply, please fill out the form and if we’re a fit, schedule a free teatime consultation.
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