Ongoing Strategic Financial Coaching & Advisory

While you may have started your business out of passion, not a love for finances, with our strategic financial coaching & advisory, you never have to feel alone when it comes to the money side of your business. As a CEO it’s imperative that you understand what your numbers are ACTUALLY telling you so you can make the right strategic decisions based on them. You’re looking for a financial thought leader to support you on your small business journey. You’re looking for an individual whose expertise in finance and accounting to help you along the way as you build your multimillion-dollar empire. You’re looking for someone you can bounce your ideas off and get advice from a strategic financial viewpoint. You want someone who can help you look at your existing financials or financial plan and provide recommendations on your cash position, your financial health to help you make important business decisions. Get monthly or quarterly calls to solution for your unique financial situation and goals so that you can walk away with specific actions and answers. Advice, support, and accountability as you, the CEO, lead your small business to long term growth and sustainability.

This 1:1 service includes:

  • Monthly or quarterly review of your financial hygiene and health
  • Financial process reviews and recommendations
  • Financial plan monitoring with actual to budget analysis to monitor whether your business is on track or underperforming and highlight where you may need to adjust your strategy
  • Overall ongoing financial strategy analysis and recommendations.
Clients are taken on based on availability and by application only. To apply, please fill out the form and if we’re a fit, schedule a free teatime consultation.
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