Fundraising and Raising Capital Advisory & Support

I get it, securing money to fund your business can be a long, challenging process and frankly, stressful. With an investment background, I know what investors are looking for, and how you pitch and position your business both financially and strategically for success. I’ve successfully worked with small business to raise capital in the past from friends & family rounds as small as $50K, to $3M venture capital seed funding, and series A rounds as large as $100M and can help bring clarity, guidance, and support to the process.  With this service I help you to I’ll help to ensure your existing financials, financial projections, and financial slides are suitable for investors or lenders and ready for due diligence. I’ll assist in determining how much capital you need to raise and how to have a supporting narrative and provide the option to be a part of your investor calls to help boost of confidence during the conversations. 

This 1:1 service includes:

  • Development of your overall fundraising strategy & approach – support you to make sure you’re approaching the process confidently – knowing your “ask”, knowing what to expect, pitching with clarity and conviction, and feeling prepared for each step along your fundraising journey. Financial storytelling narrative development   
  • Define capital raise amount
  • Pitch deck review and recommendations
  • Financials and financial plan & projections review
  • Financial slide for pitch deck development support
  • Option to be a part of your investor calls
Clients are taken on based on availability and by application only. To apply, please fill out the form and if we’re a fit, schedule a free teatime consultation.
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